Networking and Connections

Build and Maintain Lasting Relationships

Zoom, In Person and One Hybrid option available

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Build Lasting Relationships

Our networking group feels like one big happy family helping each other grow our businesses.

We have a Facebook members page to post for exposure and stay top of mind with members. We have several online zooms and in person meetings to stay in touch with members, get to know each other well, build lasting relationships, get business tips and more.

While Growing Your Business

You also gain confidence and I work six days a week meeting new people and building relationships to help you to grow your business.

Remember also, you and all of our members all know people outside of our group. At some point some of those people may need or want your service or product that they can refer to you.

My quote - "You never know who knows who, that knows who, that may lead you to something wonderful for your life or business."

A lot of members in our group have met some dynamic people that have helped them grow their business, that they may have never met otherwise.

Connect and Network

  • We have several online networking zooms, in person and one hybrid available.

  • We have online vendor events.

  • We have larger events online.

  • We encourage you to schedule 1 on 1 zooms to get to know each other well.

Note: I offer to save you time and being your scheduling person to schedule zooms with you, IĀ and one or two others at a time to help you get to know our members well. Just let me know if you'd like to take care of the scheduling for you.

Get some great resources, pick up some beneficial business tips, give and receive referrals and most of all have fun!

Contact Mary to Find Out How.

Based in Poulsbo, WA
Mon-Fri: 9a-5p with lunch from 1p-2p
Sat: 9a-11a
Sun: Closed
All Holidays: Closed