The Mary West Network

24 Dynamic Benefits

You can get lots of exposure for your business by:

  • Attending our online zooms
  • Participating in our larger events as a sponsor
  • Often posts online for members who are active
  • Posting on our members page about your business
  • Doing one on ones with our members (lots of connections - over 100)
  • Doing a short presentation about your business on our online zooms
  • Participating in our online vendor events/in person
  • I have another facebook page with over 600 members I can add you to
  • Each Thursday we have The Patrick and Mary Unstoppable Author Interview Series. We have a different author each Thursday.
  • We have a book club (coming again soon)
  • We are very low cost
  • We build life-long friendships
  • I focus on giving referrals often
  • Some zooms we have outside speakers
  • We are casual and have fun!! (Fun and Beneficial)
  • Each Monday I do a ""Live online" Monday Motivational Moment!"
  • You get discounts on most other things I charge for (events etc.)
  • One meeting a month we do a Master Mind format that is very powerful.
  • You can benefit from our many business tips given on our online zoom
  • Once members also get to know, like, and trust you many give referrals
  • I have a fb business page where I post networking tips on Mondays and Fridays
  • We do Pay It Forward projects to help our communities. It is wonderful to be a part of that!
  • While you are out doing your business I (Mary) am busy meeting new people for more connections for you and me. I do this six days a week. I am happy to save you time and do the scheduling of zooms for you too, with new people, you and me for you to meet when I meet them too. Just let me know good days and times for you.

Also I am open to suggestions that can make it even more beneficial for everyone.

Have a successful day!

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