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Are you a business owner looking to make new connections?

You've come to the right place!

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Networking, Connections & More

Are you a business owner looking to make new connections?

You've come to the right place!

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Grow your business. Build long lasting relationships. Lifelong friendships and relationships that can lead you to people and resources that can help you towards growing your business.

Mission: To attract, retain, and grow our network by providing value and opportunity for all members each time we meet.

Motto: Building your business in a fun way!



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Four themed events a year

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Publishing Help

Publishing Help

Have you, your family or friends been wanting to write a book? Make that dream come true! Read more on our publishing page.

About Mary

    Mary West is a professional networker, founder of, The Mary West Network. She is a wife, mom, and grandma!

     Mary has a passion for connecting business owners. People have called her names. Don't worry, nice names, such as, the queen of networking, The Mary West Network, 6 degrees to Mary West, and the connector.

    She has been networking for over twenty years. Several years ago she started some "in person" groups. They now also have zoom meetings.

    She loves seeing the friendships and relationships blossom and members grow their businesses through networking. Mary also has a passion for non-profits. They help several with their Pay It Forward projects in her groups.

     She is a contributing author of Your Ultimate Sales Force. Mary is also in the process of writing a book titled: Networking Your Way To Success/BEING UNSTOPPABLE. Mary loves spending time with family, going to the ocean/beach, playing games, church, bible study, traveling, reading inspirational/motivational, business, novels, mystery, and fantasy books.

     She is in Toastmasters and a bunco group. Mary loves music, she says music makes people happy. Her favorite words are, celebrate and unstoppable!! She encourages everyone to celebrate each day and go out and be unstoppable!

Thank you - Take care, have fun and celebrate each day!

Mary West

Founder of, The Mary West Network

Producer of, The Patrick and Mary Unstoppable Author Interview Series


Based in Poulsbo, WA
Mon-Fri: 9a-5p with lunch from 1p-2p
Sat: 9a-11a
Sun: Closed
All Holidays: Closed